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The past is prologue...

Leo Shull's Legacy...

Leo Shull.  Sketch by Al Hirschfeld.

Leo Shull.  Sketch by Al Hirschfeld.

Leo Shull, a New York publisher who for five decades recorded the comings, goings, and casting calls on Broadway and beyond, was the owner, publisher and editor of the iconic magazine Show Business. The magazine began in 1941 as Actors Cues, a four-page mimeographed daily he distributed out of the basement of a Walgreens drug store at 44th Street and Broadway. Kirk Douglas and Lauren Becall, as young performers, sold copies of Show Business at Sardi's and other theater-district watering holes to actors, producers, playwrights, and others. Mr. Shull pioneered the publication of lists of producers' offices, plays about to be cast -- everything about Broadway -- and sold them for 5 cents apiece. As that enterprise grew into Show Business, he started up more than a dozen other entertainment-related periodicals, including Who's Where, the Summer Theater Directory, Casting Guide, Angels, Models Guide and a summer weekly, Fire Island Press.

Mr. Shull expanded his publishing empire with Genius Inc. -- part nightclub, part restaurant and part theatrical training ground. With the support of established artists like Jose Ferrer, Luther Adler and Joseph Schildkraut, it was a great success. Among his related ventures were Players Stage and Political Cabaret, patterned on the European tradition, with Marc Blitzstein and Harold Rome among the writers. He also tried his hand at producing, with a double bill by Jean Giraudoux, "The Virtuous Island" and "The Apollo of Bellac," which opened in 1957 at the Carnegie Hall Playhouse.  Mr. Shull, who was born in Milwaukee, was a drama and journalism graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. He passed away in 1996 at the age of 90, having retired just five years earlier.



The Shull Foundation is...

Inspired by the career and achievements of Leo Shull, the Shull Foundation for the Arts continues his work in the 21st century by supporting emerging artists, while preserving the history of American theatre for future generations.  Founded by philanthropist Lee Shull, the daughter of the iconic publisher, and under the leadership of Arthur Pober, the Shull Foundation for the Arts is committed to strengthening the artists, companies, and practitioners of theatre.






Lee Shull

Ms. Shull is the daughter of Leo Shull and a philanthropic supporter of arts and culture in New York City.  She recently sponsored the landmark PBS Series "Theatre Close-Up," showcasing the productions of Off-Broadway and regional theatres across America.



President and CEO

Arthur Pober

Arthur Pober is an internationally known authority in the areas of media, technology, education, arts and child psychology. Among his achievements, he is the creator of the rating system for the videogame industry in the United States and was the former head of special programmes for over 25,000 school children in New York City, where he pioneered screening for potential learning disabilities and special needs for youngsters. He serves as senior research fellow to the Annenberg Center for the Digital Future in California, and is the American consultant of the LFM-North Westphalia, responsible for initiating the 15 year Trans-Atlantic Dialogs dealing with the new evolving technologies throughout Europe. He was the International consultant of the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) dealing with advertising self-regulation issues, as well as the Director of EASA’s Education programme.


Activities & Affiliations

• Mindbright Consulting
• Vice President, Center for Social Responsbility in the Digital Age (SRDA)