To Apply

Thank you for your interest in applying to The Leo Shull Foundation for the Arts.  Through this page, we accept initial letters of inquiry for projects that align with one of our four areas of focus: Artist Project Grants, Genius Inc., Exhibition/Archive Support, and Trends. 

Priority will be given to applications that:

  • Focus on new perspectives and/or insights into neglected or little-known figures, plays, musicals, or events in American theatrical history.
  • Support the next generation of theater artists to continue the history of excellence in professional practice.
  • Reacquaint or reintroduce audiences to forces that shaped the legacy of the American theatre.
  • Explore lost or forgotten luminaries of the theater, i.e. playwrights, actors, producers, etc.
  • Explore the past, present, and future of the art form, especially on topics that affect the theatrical field.
  • Rethink, re-imagine or reinterpret works of the theatrical past for the present day, including historical media (Playhouse 90, Studio One TV, 1950's teledramas, etc.) for the stage.

The Shull Foundation for the Arts staff will review all inquiries within six weeks.  If you are chosen for further consideration, you will be contacted directly via email. 

When you are ready to apply, please fill out of this form in full.   Thank you again for your work, and for giving us the opportunity to learn about it!  If you have any questions, please use the Contacts page

Applicant Name *
Applicant Name
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Mailing Address
Area of Focus
Please choose one of the following areas of focus which your application is appropriate for:
In the form of a press release blurb or publicity announcement, please tell us about your project, including (but not limited to) the project description, major collaborators, planned venue, and other relevant details. 150 WORDS MAXIMUM, PROJECTS EXCEEDING 150 WORDS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM CONSIDERATION.
Please draft a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and their answers, which describe the planned scope and implementation plan of the project. This may include dates, locations, steps, etc. 150 WORDS MAXIMUM, PROJECTS EXCEEDING 150 WORDS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM CONSIDERATION.
Funds requested should not exceed 50% of the entire budget of the project. Should the project be selected for interview, a complete project budget will be required at that time.